Who is the web designer

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The web designer is responsible for the appearance and emotional involvement of business to business and business to consumer websites. He is responsible for combining design and navigation using the technology available. It translates the customer's needs, content and brand into structured concepts that are suitable for the website, responding to the needs of users, suitable for the instrument in which they will be displayed and feasible from a technical point of view. He chooses the technology to use, knowing the skills and limitations that can occur in the creation of a website and discusses with customers and other professionals involved in the project.

Its functions are divided into several activities carried out in collaboration with the work team.
The web designer is in principle a communicator, able to combine the customer's needs with these users. Performs the following tasks:

  • design the components necessary for navigation
  • prepares the layout of web pages with HTML and other programming languages ​​(JavaScript and style sheets) with the help of web developers and technicians
  • converts design elements created with graphics programs (Photoshop and Illustrator for example) into components that can be used and modified on a site
  • prepare and present the contents in such a way that they are well legible and well structured

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